Missed Exams

If you have missed the exam due to extenuating circumstances (circumstances that were beyond your control), please see the information provided in Absences and Accommodations.

Important note: Contact the instructor for the course immediately by email or in person. Please copy this email to your Undergraduate Program Assistant so that your department is aware of the situation.

If you have missed the exam due to other reasons, you should contact the instructor and your Undergraduate Program Assistant immediately to advise them of the situation and to discuss what, if any, options are available to you.

All absences during the final exam period require the student to submit a Request for Academic Consideration form WITH documentation. For further information please refer to the Forms and Documentation Required for Academic Consideration.

Calculator Policy

The Casio 991 series will be the only calculators approved for engineering exams.

If you attend an exam with an unapproved calculator (non-Casio 991), then it will be removed from you. An instructor will not be able to override this policy.


Registrar’s Office Student Exam Information