Created expressly for Smith Engineering students, this set of resources will make finding help easy – and fun! Discover the wide array of supports and services available to you as a Smith Engineering student.

First Year Resources

In your first year? Check out all the wellness and academic resources available to first-year Smith Engineering students

Engwell Tips


We’re inviting all Smith Engineering students to join us on the most science-based meditation app available, Headspace, and let it assist you with your work-life balance goals, including managing stress, anxiety, getting better sleep, and more.

Set up your Headspace account and start meditating!

Feeling anxious before tests and exams? Feeling that extra bit of energy before an evaluation can help us be sharper and more alert, but too much energy can negatively affect our concentration.

If you are finding yourself with too much worry before a test, check out some of the resources for test anxiety through SASS.

Don’t have time to eat when studying? For many students, it is hard to find the time to prepare healthy meals when you have so many assignments and projects due. But did you know eating healthy is linked to better study habits, improved retention, and faster information processing? Try smaller snacks throughout the day or meal prepping- it can be a real time-saver and lead to overall more nutritious meal choices.

Check out more info via Health Promotion.

seth chisholm and a nice hat

Not sure where to start? Meet our Wellness Navigator!

Our Wellness Navigator helps connect students to best resources and supports to support their physical, emotional, social, and academic well-being.

Book in with him here!

Wellness Resources

Wellness Navigator

Unsure of the type of support and resources you need? Our Wellness Navigator can determine your individual needs and connect you with the appropriate resources and support.

Embedded Counsellors

Are you looking for short-term counselling to work on personal issues? Book in with one of our Smith Engineering Embedded Counsellors.

BIPoC Support Counsellor

Do you identify as a Person of Colour and are looking for culturally sensitive support? Book in with our BIPoC Counsellor.

Engineering Mental Health Steward Program

We are excited to introduce the Engineering Mental Health Steward (EMHS) program – a dedicated initiative aimed at fostering a culture of mental health awareness, support, and empowerment within our academic community for 2nd year students.

Empower Me

EmpowerMe provides Queen's students with virtual access to therapy, coaching and 24/7 crisis support.

Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services provides a wide variety of services, workshops, resources to help Queen’s students with their personal, academic, and social wellness.

Health Promotion

Resources to support healthy sleep, eating, and exercise. Wellness coaching appointments are available to students interested in changing a health behaviour.

Peer Support Centre

The Peer Support Centre offers drop-in hours for students to speak with supportive and compassionate student volunteers.


Swipe It Forward Program

If you are on campus and struggling to get enough to eat, this program can help. Students on meal plans can donate meal credits to be used by students in need.

AMS Food Bank

Located in the John Deutsch University Centre, this confidential food bank is open to the Queen’s community.

Campus Security

If you are at any time concerned about a threat of violence, contact your Don or call Campus Security.

Queen’s Inclusion and Anti-Racism Advisor

The Queen’s Inclusion and Anti-Racism Advisor is the main contact for anyone wanting to learn about the anti-oppression and anti-racism initiatives and services at Queen’s.

Off-Campus Living Advisor

The Off-Campus Living Advisor helps students with off-campus housing guidance, including help with landlord issues, roommate conflicts, upper-year housing, and housing conditions.

Student Clubs and Design Teams

Connect over shared interests and apply your knowledge to unique design project with students from across Smith Engineering.

Queen’s Room of Requirement

Take what you need or drop off items for others. Items include school supplies, kitchen and household items, textbooks, and more. Located in the John Deutsch University Centre.

Looking for more wellness resources?

Check out the Student Wellness Services’ resource finder.

Academic and Other Supports