As an Indigenous engineering student at Queen's, you will be part of a welcoming community, with access to a wide variety of supports and services designed to help you thrive. Primarily run by our Indigenous Futures in Engineering team (InEng), as well as Queen's STEM Indigenous Academics (STEMInA), you will benefit from holistic support, with academic, sociocultural, and professional development services.  


Supports and Services for Indigenous Engineering Students


Academic Support

As an Indigenous engineering student, you will have access to tailored resources to support your academic goals. 

  1. Free Tutoring Services

    We offer free tutoring services for Smith Engineering Indigenous students. Our dedicated program staff will collaborate with you to find a tutor that is fitted to your needs. Whether you're looking for help with coursework, or additional study support, we are here to help you succeed. As an Indigenous student in engineering, you will have a wealth of valuable resources and support to help you in your academic journey. 

  1. Indigenous Engineering Study Space

    InEng has a dedicated Indigenous engineering student study room. It's more than just a place to study - it's the perfect space for group projects and quick breaks between classes. Stocked with snacks during exam time, and a steady supply of coffee, this welcoming space will be a home base during your academic journey.

  1. Study Groups
    Throughout the school year, STEMInA hosts Indigenous study sessions in an on-campus designated Indigenous space. You'll be able to drop in, study, eat pizza and snacks, and enjoy gathering with your peers. 

Career Development

InEng provides exclusive opportunities to help our aspiring engineers prepare for their careers.  

  1. Industry Connections

    Our dedicated Indigenous Transitions Coordinator works with on-campus partners like Career Services and Corporate Relations to connect Indigenous engineering students with opportunities in industry. Their mission is to create meaningful connections and pathways to success, helping you in your search for career and professional development opportunities. 

  1. Conferences and Networking 

    We support our Indigenous engineering students by offering financial assistance for student travel to attend conferences, and by organizing networking events. Take advantage of these opportunities to enhance your skills and develop connections in the engineering industry.

  1. Research Opportunities 

    Our Indigenous engineering students are eligible to receive a research fellowship and are connected with esteemed faculty members, allowing them to contribute to meaningfully and gain valuable research experience. This unique opportunity invites you to explore and make informed decisions about your future career path, whether in the industry or pursuing graduate studies in the field of engineering.


Community and Culture

InEng and STEMInA collaborate to offer dynamic programs and services, cultivating a close-knit community through tailored events, outreach, and leadership opportunities.

  1. Transition Week

    First-year Indigenous engineering students have the opportunity to move to campus one week ahead of the general move-in. You'll be invited to participate in Transition Week, an on-campus orientation that also welcomes families/supporters for the first two days. Families/supporters will learn about programs and services, help you move in, and meet the program staff. After the first two days, you are left to participate in a week-long orientation to campus, getting to know each other and the city of Kingston.

  1. Social Gatherings

    Indigenous engineering students are invited to join their peers in STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) at our STEMInA social gatherings. These events provide a unique space for students to come together, enjoy local takeout, engage in meaningful conversations, study, and socialize. 

  1. Indigenous in STEM

    We continuously seek opportunities to connect our students with Indigenous perspectives in STEM. Whether it's linking you with leaders, curating specialized programming, or helping you find opportunities, our goal is to bring Indigenous experiences and viewpoints in STEM subjects to you.

Indigenous Engineering Student Supports Provided By:

Indigenous Futures in Engineering logo

Indigenous Futures in Engineering is committed to growing the number of Indigenous engineers in Canada. Its programs include outreach to elementary and high school classrooms, supporting Indigenous undergraduate and graduate engineering students at Queen’s in their studies, and connecting new graduates with resources and opportunities to help launch their careers.

STEM Indigenous in Academics logo

STEMInA is an academic support community-building program for Indigenous students enrolled in Engineering, Science, Technology, and Math (STEM) – based undergraduate degree programs at Queen’s University. Students are from the Faculties of Smith Engineering, Arts and Science, and Health Science. 

Indigenous Resources Across Campus

Four Directions

Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre (4D) is the home away from home for First Nations, Inuit and Métis students on campus! They offer a variety of services to Indigenous students across campus, from social and cultural activities to study spaces and even free laundry facilities.  


Smith Engineering has a chapter of AISES, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society. Q-AISES participates in many opportunities through the AISES network, including conferences and competitions. Recent and most notably, the Q-AISES Rocket Team is the 2023 International Champion (Canada and USA) in the NASA-sponsored First Nations Launch competition! 

Queen’s Native Students Association

The QNSA is an AMS-ratified student club that brings together undergrad, graduate, and professional students who share an interest in Indigenous culture and traditions. The QNSA, in collaboration with Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre, organizes Indigenous Awareness Week activities every year.

Office of Indigenous Initiatives 

The Office of Indigenous Initiatives builds community, advances reconciliation/conciliation and integrates Indigenous ways of knowing and being into the fabric and life of the university.

Contact UsMelanie Howard

Melanie Howard

Director, Indigenous Futures in Engineering

Phone: 613-533-6000 ext. 78563

Smith Engineering Indigenous Student Overview Presentation

This presentation highlights the wide range of supports and services that Indigenous Smith Engineering students have available to them, including resources to support their academic, cultural, and professional growth.

We are excited to feature a student perspective from one of the team leads from our Indigenous rocket team, the Q-AISES Rocket Team, providing valuable insights and experiences from within our community.