Engineering Supplemental Exam Information

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for complete information on Regulation 14.

Supplemental Exams are an option granted exclusively to engineering students who have received between 40%-49%(FR) during the term. Please note there is no opportunity to reschedule a missed Supplemental Exam. Supplemental exams are not an obligation owed to the student but are offered as an opportunity to improve the grade.


  • a fall and winter termGPA of 0.7 or higher, and a cumulative GPA of 1.60 or higher, and a final mark of ‘FR’ in the failed upper-year course.
  • Only three examinations can be written in a student’s degree program, with no more than two in any calendar year.
  • Failure to write a supplemental examination with which a student is registered will receive a mark of ZERO “0”
  • FR Grade(40%-49%) Failure with review is the grade in the course that is necessary to apply for a Supplemental Exam
  • Students must apply for a Supplemental Exam using the application on the forms page.
  • (NOTE: Supplemental exams are not available for Complementary Studies courses or first-year APSC courses.)
  • Questions? Contact Micheline Johnston in Smith Engineering at Queen's Student Services Office.

How an “FR” Grade affects Fall Term CORE Course Registration

  • If the course with an “FR” is a prerequisite for a fall term CORE courses, those courses will not be preloaded in SOLUS and will be removed by the prerequisite check program just before September 1st
  • Winter term courses will be preloaded but removed in January if there is a missing prerequisite.
  • If a supplemental exam is taken in September and is a prerequisite for a CORE course in the fall, students should attend those CORE classes in September even though you are not registered in them.
  • Once the final mark is submitted (instructors typically have 10 working days after the exam is written to submit marks), and you have passed the course, you will be able to register in those fall term CORE courses that were affected in SOLUS.

Final Grade is an “IN”

  • If a final grade of “IN” (incomplete) shows on your transcript, you will likely be writing the final exam for this course along with the students writing Supplemental exams in September.
  • no application or fee is required because this grade is based on extenuating circumstances
  • a confirmation email is sent in the summer, and the exam schedule will be posted below in mid-August)
  • The IN mark will be replaced with the new final grade.

Final Grade is “F”

  • If you have a final grade of “F”, and the course is a CORE course, you will need to repeat this course at some point. Retaking a course usually means deferring another course to make room in your schedule and maintain a balanced course load. In this situation, students usually defer an elective and take it during the summer

How to Apply

The application for a Supplemental is due in June and updated each year in May. You can not submit the form until the final grades are published in May. Find the form here

Exam Schedule 

Wednesday, August 30, 2023
Walter Light AUD
Thursday, August 31, 2023 Walter Light AUD Friday,September 1, 2023 Walter Light AUD
9am 9am 9am
CHEE 331 CHEE 323 CHEE 210
CIVL 250 CIVL 331 CHEE 223
ELEC 252 ELEC 270 CIVL 372
ENCH 245 ELEC 373 CMPE 251
ENPH 372 ENCH 212 CMPE 458
MECH 203 ENPH 225 ELEC 274
MECH 210 MECH 323 ENPH 211
MTHE 227 MECH 346 MECH 341
MTHE 280 MTHE 237 MTHE 353
MTHE 328 MTHE 474 MTHE 455
Wednesday, August 30, 2023, Walter Light AUD  Thursday, August 31,2023 Walter Light AUD Friday, September 1, 2023, 2023 Walter Light AUD
2pm 2pm 2pm
CMPE 223 CHEE 371 CHEE 222
ELEC 279 CIVL 231 CHEE 319
ELEC 472 ELEC 224 CIVL 222
ENPH 239 ELEC 280 ELEC 299
MECH 350 ELEC 381 ELEC 374
MREN 223 ENPH 316 MECH 228
MTHE 225 MECH 241 MREN 230
MTHE 281 MTHE 228 MTHE 212
MTHE 335 MTHE 351 SOFT 423
MTHE 430 APSC 221