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Absences and Academic Accommodations

Academic Accommodations are put in place to equalize learning opportunities and access to the academic environment for students with disabilities. A disability may include a temporary or permanent condition. Academic Consideration (Absences) is meant to help you manage a short-term extenuating circumstance that is beyond your control and could affect your academics.

Academic Guide

Students are encouraged to review this content for guidance and contact their Academic Advisor for further assistance.

  • Notify your instructors by email as soon as possible that you will not be able to meet academic requirements due to bereavement
  • Email the Program Advisor (Accommodations & Considerations) at engineering.aac@queensu.ca for further directives regarding bereavement leave, Request for Academic Consideration form, documentation, supportive counselling and resources available to support the student during this time

To apply to Engineering after a voluntary withdrawal or requirement to withdraw, complete then submit the Application for Re-Admission/Resumption of Studies form before July 15 to be considered for re-admission for the following academic session.

Direct all waiver and appeal requests to the student's home department or to Student Services Office in the Engineering and Applied Science, even if the request is to add or drop an Arts & Science course after the deadline (Reference: The Senate Policy on Faculty Jurisdiction).

  • Information on Academic Regulation Requests, Waivers and Appeals
  • Student Guidelines for Academic Progress Committee (APC) Requests
  • AMS Student Guide to Academic Appeals
  • What to do if you want your course mark reviewed?

Please check the academic calendar.

Please direct any questions or concerns about your program to your department. To make an appointment with an academic advisor in your department, please contact your Undergraduate Program Assistant. Contact information can be found here: Registration Guide ‐ Academic Assistants

If a student is unable to write the final examination or to submit required coursework because of incapacitating illness or other extenuating circumstances, a mark of "IN" (Incomplete) will be recorded for the course on the recommendation of the course instructor and the Department Head, and approval by the Operations Committee. The submission of a mark of "IN" must be accompanied by documents supporting the request and by a proposed date of completion which shall be as early as possible. In such cases, the course for which a mark of "IN" has been entered will be excluded when calculating sessional and cumulative averages of the student concerned. An "IN" on a transcript does not preclude the application of Regulations 2g and 10. If the student does not complete the course by the date set by the Operations Committee, the mark in the course will be changed to a mark reflecting zero grades on the missing components of the course.

When it is used: An incomplete grade request should be submitted only if a student is unable to complete the course requirements (e.g. has not written the final exam or submitted required coursework) due to incapacitating illness or other extenuating circumstances.

Student/Instructor Responsibilities: The student should communicate with the course instructor to ensure that an Incomplete Grade Request will be submitted to the Faculty Office. The Instructor should complete the form, enter the default mark (original mark), and in communication with the student, determine a proposed date of completion. The form should then be submitted to the Faculty Office. Submissions should include rationale for the request and any appropriate supporting documentation.

In order to be eligible for Dean Scholars you must have an Engineering Sessional GPA (Fall, Winter) of 3.5 or higher while taking 30 units or higher.

Scenario 1 - FR Grade

If you received a grade of FR (40-49%) for an upper year course offered by Smith Engineering at Queen's (engineering courses), you MAY be eligible to write a supplemental exam.

Supplemental exams are written at Queen’s University during the first week of September (no exceptions). Information about supplemental exams including eligibility requirements, deadline for applications and the application are available online in the Academic Guide for Students. For information about Regulation 14 Supplemental Examinations, please see the Academic Calendar.

NOTE: Students with an FR grade must submit a Supplemental Examination Request to be considered for a supplemental exam.

Scenario 2 - F Grade

If you received a grade of F for a CORE course, you will need to retake this course. Register for the course in SOLUS during spring registration (it won't be pre-loaded with your other core courses).

If you received a grade of F for a TECH elective or Complementary Studies, you can either retake the course, or take a different course.

The “FR” grade (Failure with Review) is only used by engineering and means that your final mark was between 40-49% and is assigned a grade point of “0” (the same as an F) in the GPA calculation.

Students who receive an FR grade MAY be eligible to write a supplemental exam (also only used by engineering) in September for that course (see below for details). Please note that the “Failure with Review” terminology came with the SOLUS program and cannot be changed – your grade is not actually “under review.”

Research the program of interest by contacting the department. See Academic Assistants for contact information.

Complete an Academic Plan Change Request form (PDF).

Submit the form to engineering.reception@queensu.ca

NOTE: Your request discipline change is NOT guaranteed. It is dependent on capacity in the program, your academic competitiveness, and potential success in the discipline are all considered.

For the full process, please see Policy on Reviews and Appeals

Please be advised that students who are in good standing (not on probation) may be permitted to be away from the university for up to 12 months without having to reapply. If you are away for more than 12 months you will need to reapply for admission. Information about readmission can be found on the Re-Admission Application form on the Forms Online page.

If you are a student in good standing, you should first contact your department in order to advise them of your decision to take a year off. Find contact information for your department.

After you have notified your department, you will need to ensure that you drop all pre-registered/registered courses in SOLUS.

If you are in any first year courses, those will need to be dropped by the Faculty Office: contact engineering.first.year@queensu.ca 

If you have missed the deadline to drop your courses in SOLUS (see Sessional Dates), you will need to complete a Late Drop application for each course. The Late Drop application can be accessed here: https://engineering.queensu.ca/current-students/forms-online.html.

Contact Stacy Shane, shanes@queensu.ca to discuss the withdrawal process.

If you are withdrawing before the drop without academic penalty deadline (see Sessional Dates, drop your courses in SOLUS. If you are withdrawing after the late drop application, then you will need to apply for late drops of all of your courses. https://engineering.queensu.ca/current-students/forms-online.html.

Academic Integrity is a commitment to the fundamental values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. Academic Integrity concerns refer to issues that may involve a departure from those fundamental values. The following are examples (but not limited to) that constitute a DFAI: Plagiarism, Use of unauthorized materials, Facilitation, Forgery, Falsification.

At any point an instructor feels necessary, they can initiate an investigation. The instructor will begin investigating a possible DFAI by assembling all documents related to the case.

Once the DFAI has been identified, the student in question will receive a “Notice of Investigation of a Possible DFAI” – the notice should normally be provided to the student within 10 working days of the instructor becoming aware of the possible DFAI. The student can then set up an appointment to view the document(s) in question.

A meeting will be arranged with the student and the instructor within 10 working days of the date of the notice – at this meeting, the instructor and the student will discuss the allegation(s), the basis for the allegation(s), and the instructor’s supporting evidence. This meeting is the student’s opportunity to respond and state his/her position with respect to the allegation(s) and supporting evidence. The student will have an opportunity to provide additional information.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, the instructor can make one of the following decisions:

  • There has been no DFAI - therefore all of the documents related to the investigation, including the Notice and all email correspondence, will be destroyed;
  • There has been a DFAI
  • If no previous DFAIs have been made against the student, the instructor has the authority to determine the sanction.

More information on the procedures and processes for a Departure from Academic Integrity.

Contact the Assistant to the Associate Deans, at Eng.DeanAcad.Admin@queensu.ca.


Verify with your department that you are on track to graduate.

An email will be sent by the Faculty Office when the Spring and Fall application to graduate window opens. Pay close attention to the deadline to apply as students who did not complete the application by the deadline will need to complete a Late Application to Graduate form which is assessed a

Complete the application in SOLUS. For step-by-step instructions, please see the Office of the Registrar website: Graduation Information

Important: if you have successfully completed your application to graduate, you should receive a confirmation email to your Queen’s email. If you do not receive this email then you have likely not completed the application.

Your certificate will state that you have received a Bachelor of Applied Science in your academic plan. For example: Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemical Engineering)

If you participated in Internship: Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemical Engineering with Professional Internship)

Note: Your honours standing will NOT appear on your diploma and will only appear on your official transcript.

No, in order to be eligible to graduate at the Fall convocation ceremony you must have completed all degree requirements. You will need to apply to graduate for the Spring convocation. The Application to Graduate window for Spring will open in December of the previous year.

Yes, in order to request permission to attend a future ceremony you must complete and submit this form: Previous Graduates Requesting to Attend A Future Convocation Ceremony (PDF)

Under rare circumstances (ex. Work visa) the university will release a diploma early. In order to submit a request for an Early release of your diploma you must:

  • Ensure all grades are entered in SOLUS before a degree conferral can take place.
  • Email Stacy Shane, Manager, Student Services (shanes@queensu.ca) with a formal request for consideration, including the rationale for the request.

If approved at the Faculty level, a memo will be sent to the University Registrar indicating the Faculty support of your request.

The University Registrar will make a final decision on your request and may contact you beforehand in order to obtain further information/documentation.

The whole process can typically take 2+ weeks.