Incoming Student Guide

What you need to know for September – computer specifications, orientation information, QEng Prep Courses, and more.

First Year Registration

You do not need to register in courses for your first year. You can log into SOLUS early to mid-July to see your timetable. You can find course information on onQ starting in September. 

About Your Degree

Learn about degree completion time, GPA requirements, class sizes, and more.

Accessibility and Accommodations  

Students with diverse learning styles and needs are welcome at Queen's. If you have a disability or health consideration that may require accommodations, please contact the Smith Engineering Program Advisor of Accommodations and Considerations, or learn more from Queen's Student Accessibility Services FAQ.  


Discipline Choice

Students are guaranteed their discipline of choice, provided they pass all their classes and apply in second semester by the given discipline selection deadline (February).

We encourage students to explore our undergraduate program pages to learn more about their options.

Students can also find help in reaching a decision through discussions with upper-year students, instructors, or an Advisor.

Discipline Night

In the winter term (January), each engineering discipline hosts a presentation night to showcase their discipline to first year students. Each presentation includes appearances by alumni, current students, and professors who discuss courses, projects, career opportunities, student community and more in their respective disciplines.

Extended Program

The Extended Program is designed to give students who have academic difficulties in the fall of their first year a chance to recover and move into the second year with a clear record. Even if a student passed all fall term courses, the Extended Program Courses or Rewrite Exams can be used to improve understanding of the fundamental material, improve marks, and improve one's average.

In the Extended Program, the first six weeks of the winter term are spent reviewing the fall term course material. The final rewrite exams for these fall courses are held halfway through the winter term, during Reading Week. Students in the Extended Program then begin their standard twelve-week winter term courses, which will extend six weeks into the spring term. Final exams for the Extended Program are held in early June.

First Year Supplemental Exams

First-year students with a good sessional average have the opportunity to rewrite first-year exams to improve their marks in certain courses.

Engineering Student Support

Book an Appointment with an Advisor

First Year Advisors are able to meet with you to discuss your academics, including add/drop of courses, academic accommodations, and other related academic concerns.

Student Services Team

Student Services is the main hub for Smith Engineering students. The Student Services Team offers academic counselling, health and wellness services, personal counselling and more. Student Services is located in Beamish-Munro Hall, Suite 300.

Douglas Help Desk

Douglas Help Desk is a free tutoring service available to all first-year engineering students, typically held before midterms and exams.

Queen's Support

Student Academic Success Services

Student Academic Success Services offers individual appointments, workshops and events, mentorships, and online guides to help you improve your writing, study habits, time management, and more.

Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services offers a wide variety of mental and physical wellness resources, services, events, and workshops.

Peer Mentoring

The QSuccess First-Year Mentorship Program is designed to help guide you through your first year at Queen’s. Mentors can help you with your study skills and time management, balancing academic and social demands, and developing wellness strategies.

First Year Foundation

A guide of advice and programming for incoming and first year students.

First-Year Off-Campus Community

Living off-campus? Connect with the First Year Off-Campus Community for events, support, and resources throughout the year.


Current Students

Find everything you need to know as a current student. Includes forms, policies, academics, resources, degree add-ons, and more.


Contact an Advisor