Key GPAs

All students are evaluated academically as they progress through their Engineering program. Evaluation takes place in January and May, once all relevant grades are in. There are two important GPA calculations that are used to evaluate Engineering students—the Term GPA and the Engineering Cumulative GPA (ECGPA). Note: The “Engineering” addition to the ECGPA is included to distinguish courses that are taken while a student is registered in Smith Engineering. For example, for a student transferring from another faculty or university, the ECGPA would not include any courses taken before they registered as a Smith Engineering student.

Term GPA: For evaluation purposes, the term GPA for Fall and term GPA for Winter courses for the previous academic session (while registered in Smith Engineering) are considered.

Engineering Cumulative GPA (ECGPA): Includes Summer, Fall and Winter courses you have done at Queen’s (while registered in Smith Engineering).

Some important regulations to note

All core courses for your program must be taken and passed in order to graduate. In addition, you must follow the structure outlined for your program in terms of taking and passing technical electives and complementary studies courses. If you wish to deviate from the program structure in any way, it is important that you see an academic advisor.

  • Passing a course: The passing grade for an individual course is a D-.
  • ECGPA for graduation: A minimum ECGPA of 1.6 is required for graduation.
  • GPAs for honours and scholarships:
    • Yearly Dean's Honour List: Combined Fall and Winter GPA ≥ 3.5, while taking 16.1 credits per term.
    • Requirement to retain entrance scholarships: Combined Fall and Winter Term GPA ≥ 3.5
    • First class honours at graduation: ECGPA ≥ 3.5
    • Second class honours at graduation: 2.0 < ECGPA < 3.5
  • GPAs dealing with academic progression:
    • Combined Fall and Winter Term GPA < 0.7: Student is required to withdraw (RTW).
    • ECGPA between 0.7 and 1.59: Student is placed on academic probation.
    • Fall GPA < 0.7: Student may be placed on academic probation for the adjacent Winter term,
  • Academic probation:
    • Students placed on academic probation must follow a special program for the following academic session.
    • Students on academic probation who achieve an ECGPA ≥ 1.6 and meet all other probationary conditions by the end of their next academic session will be released from probation.Students on academic probation who do not achieve an ECGPA ≥ 1.6 or fail to meet all other probationary conditions by the end of their next academic session will be required to withdraw.

A complete listing of all of the Engineering regulations can be found on the Academic Calendar website.