Students, please remember to include your student number with any academic correspondence.

First-Year Students

Micheline Johnston  Program Manager First Year Book an appointment
Lindsay Campbell First-Year Program Advisor
Julie Hao First-Year International Advisor 

Academic Assistants

Engineering Degree

M. Johnston
L. Campbell
J. Hao

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Chemical Engineering L. Joanette
Engineering Chemistry L. Joanette
Civil Engineering A. Brown
Computer & Electrical Engineering I. Pavich
J. Battle 
Geological Engineering R. Dew
Mathematics & Engineering J. Powell
Mechanical and Materials Engineering L.Russell
K. Iley
Mining Engineering S.Siderius
Engineering Physics M. Balson

Incoming Exchange And Transfer Students

Exchange Students - refer to the following websites:

Transfer Students - Please contact your department for academic advice and course registration information (departmental email addresses are listed above).

Last Updated: April 2024 (mj)