Established over 100 years ago, our undergraduate programs are among the first Chemical Engineering and Engineering Chemistry programs in North America. Our undergraduate programs prepare you to analyze and design the chemical processes that span from molecular to industrial scales.


Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering

Learn to design, control, and optimize energy-efficient, sustainable, and economically viable processes to generate products such as energy, materials, food, pharmaceuticals, and biomedical devices.

Chemical Engineering Program Information

Engineering Chemistry

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering

The only program of its kind in North America, our Engineering Chemistry program is dually accredited—meaning when you graduate, you will be eligible to become both a chartered chemist and a professional engineer.

Engineering Chemistry Program Information


What is the difference between Chemical Engineering and Engineering Chemistry?

Students of both Engineering Chemistry and Chemical Engineering gain experience in designing large-scale chemical manufacturing plants. However, the Engineering Chemistry program integrates advanced knowledge of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and electrochemistry into the design curriculum. With its dual accreditation, graduates of the Engineering Chemistry program are eligible to become both chartered chemists and professional engineers.


Accelerated Master's Program

The Accelerated Master's Degree Program allows strong students in the Chemical Engineering and Engineering Chemistry programs to work towards a master's degree while completing their undergraduate degree. Students can apply to the program during the winter term of their third year.

Accelerated Master's Program Information