Now is a critical time to be in chemical engineering, as we push to meet the needs of our society in energy, materials, food, and medicine while minimizing environmental impact, ensuring financial sustainability, and working with local communities.

Queen’s Chemical Engineering offers innovative undergraduate programs in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Chemistry, and a dynamic program of graduate research at the forefront of technological inquiry. Design thinking (both in terms of engineering design and business model development), innovation and entrepreneurship are becoming central elements in our programs. We value learning and discovery, with our undergraduate and graduate students working on a wide range of leading-edge research projects.

Alumni donations are instrumental in strengthening opportunities for students and pushing research forward. We have a variety of funds available to support specific areas within the department.

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The David W. Bacon Distinguished Speaker Series

The David W. Bacon Distinguished Speaker Series attracts academics and industry leaders from around the world to share insights into the technical aspects of their work and its applications. The series was established to recognize the enormous contributions that Dr. David Bacon made as an instructor, mentor, researcher, leader, and friend. Dr. David Bacon is remembered by alumni as both a rigorous and compassionate educator and mentor who had a knack for blending statistical theory and practice in the classroom.

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Chemical Engineering Alumni Events