Chemical engineering is a versatile profession that offers opportunities to work with large companies and industrial organizations, specialize in niche markets, or become an entrepreneur. Chemical engineers combine several areas of expertise to examine and expand the materials that society relies on.


What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineers design safe, efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective processes used to generate products. Using various technologies, they improve the production of food, fuel, medication, biomedical devices, computer memory, and much more. Learn more about what chemical engineering is.

Career Possibilities

Where will your degree take you? Learn more about what a future in chemical engineering can look like.

  • Agricultural sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Chemical process engineering
  • Cytotechnology
  • Environmental management
  • Fluid dynamics - aerospace
  • Finance & financial analysis
  • Food industry, nutrition & dietetics
  • Mineral processing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Patent law
  • Pharmaceutical engineering
  • Planning ‐ urban and regional
  • Polymer/rubber/plastic technology
  • Radiology
  • Toxicology
  • Internships

    Looking to get a head start on your career? The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) gives students the opportunity to take a full-time, paid 12–16-month internship. Apply your skills to the workplace and gain on-the-job experience as you work with one of our many industry partners.

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  • Elaine’s Chemical Engineering Internship Experience

    Hear from Elaine Monteiro about her experience working full-time as an intern with Procter and Gamble.

Career Services

Queen's Career services provides in-person and online career support to all students. The Engineering Corporate Relations Department enhances career development and work-integrated learning opportunities for engineering students. They offer a dedicated point of contact within Smith Engineering at Queen's for industry partners looking to recruit Smith Engineering talent.

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Research and Graduate Opportunities