Degree Information

There are several steps to completing your degree. Please read the summary of your program, and contact our Graduate Program Assistant if you have any questions about meeting the requirements of your degree program.

Learning Outcomes

The following forms are to be reviewed and signed by the Head's Delegate and Supervisor(s) following the thesis defence for your respective program:

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students may be required to perform one Teaching Assistantship (TAship) per year as part of their funding package and subject to availability as determined by their supervisor. The number of assignments and/or the number of hours per assignment may be subject to change pending the confirmation of course enrollments and the needs of the undergraduate program. In the case of two TAships, the student receives an additional $3,169.44 during the term in which they hold the second assignment (usually the winter term).

2023-2024 Teaching Assistantship Assignments

2022-2023 Teaching Assistantship Assignments

Program Contact

Graduate Studies Program Assistant
Laurie Phillips
613-533-6000 ext. 74830
Dupuis Hall, Room 201