The Department of Chemical Engineering is based in Dupuis Hall, a multi-purpose facility with extensive research laboratories and large- and small-group teaching classrooms.

Chemical Engineering Analytical Facility (ChEAF)

ChEAF pathology lab

Our Chemical Engineering Analytical Facility (ChEAF) features state-of-the-art instrumentation for our graduate students and researchers. With this specialized equipment, they are able to give fundamental insight into the molecular and bulk physical properties of polymers needed to design novel materials and optimize their properties.

Centre for Health Innovation (CHI)

The Centre for Health Innovation (CHI) is a multidisciplinary group of clinician-scientists, engineers, humanities experts, and basic and social scientists tackling the increasing complexity of today’s health and healthcare delivery challenges.

The Human Mobility Research Lab within the CHI features a specialized floor for measuring movement and an 18-camera motion capture system- similar to what is used in video game development and special effects in movies. This technology allows researchers to measure human performance ranging from standard daily actions to high-performance athletic movements. One area of interest studied in the Centre for Health Innovation is the cause, prevention, and treatment of bone and joint disorders caused by arthritis, osteoporosis, and injury.

The CHI operates in partnership with Kingston Health Sciences Centre.


Undergraduate Computer Facility


The Undergraduate Computing Facility (UCF) serves as an active learning classroom, exclusive to the students of our department, equipped with terminals and modern AV equipment. The UCF was established to provide Chemical Engineering/Engineering Chemistry students access to high-end software specialized for their programs. Ideal for group work and experiential learning, our students are able to work on their design projects using state-of-the-art simulators. With an attached lounge, it’s also a popular gathering and social space for our students.