The purpose of this manual is to outline procedures, rules and cautions to be observed by "everyone" in the Department of Chemical Engineering. "Everyone" includes; researchers, graduate students, undergraduate students, administrative staff, professors, technicians, technologists, post-doctoral fellows, employees, contractors, and visitors. We must all work together to ensure that the Department of Chemical Engineering at Queen's is a safe place to work and study.

This manual is directed towards the most common activities pursued in the department. Extra precautions may be necessary in some areas because of the specific nature of the hazards which exist. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to establish these specific procedures and ensure they are followed.

Safety includes: good laboratory practice; good housekeeping; environmental safety; and ensuring that equipment, buildings, and surroundings are free from hazards.

Personal safety depends on sincere safety-mindedness and good judgement on the part of each individual as an integral part of their daily activity. Most health and safety problems in a laboratory or workshop environment can be avoided by practising common sense based on informed knowledge of the hazards.

A Safety Bulletin Board is located in the classroom wing on the second floor. It contains important safety information and should be checked regularly for new additions.

Safety audits are performed by members of the safety committee to look for unsafe acts and conditions which exist in the department and to help researchers improve their health and safety practices. Equipment inspections are also performed to ensure that safety equipment will perform properly when it is needed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact a member of the Department Safety Working Group.