Research Facilities

Polymer Science and Engineering Facilities at Queen's University

Polymer Processing

Haake Polylab with R600 batch mixing and 25 mm single-screw extruder accessories

Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK-30 intermeshing, corotating twin-screw extruder

Nissei 20-ton injecting molding instrument

Milling and compression molding facilities

Polymer Rheology

Reologica ViscoTech - dynamic mechanical analysis

Alpha Technologies Advanced Polymer Analyser APA 2000 - high viscosity dynamic mechanical analysis

Bohlin Instruments RH2000 capillary rheometer

Tinius Olsen melt flow indexer

Physical Polymer Analysis

Instron 3369 Universal Tester

TA-Instruments TGA Q500 thermogravimetric analyzer

TA-Instruments DSC Q100 modulated differential scanning calorimeter

BLI pendulum impact tester

Dynisco falling weight impact tester


Cary 100 UV-Vis specrophotometer

PTI spectrofluorimeter with dual detectors and high-temperature capability

Bruker nuclear magnetic resonance spectometers (600, 500, 400 MHz; Chemistry)

Molecular Weight

High resolution mass spectrometry with MALDI-ionization (Chemistry)

Waters 2695 gel permeation chromatography unit with refractive index, Wyatt-Dawn EOS 18 light scattering and fluorescence detectors

Particle Size

Malvern Mastersizer Hydro 2000S light scattering instrument

Matec Applied Science CHDF 2000 capillary hydrodynamic fractionation apparatus

Surface Analysis / Imaging

Olympus SZ-PT microscope with CCD camera and Linkam CSS450 shearing hot stage

Kruss K12 surface tensiometer

Micromeritics Flowsorb 2300 surface area analyzer

Atomic force microscopy (Chemistry)

Transmission electron microscopy (Metallurgy)

Scanning electron microscopy (Metallurgy)

Powder X-ray diffraction (Geology)

Small angle X-ray diffraction (Physics)