The home of Smith Engineering at Queen's is the Integrated Learning Centre, a unique facility designed to support new and exciting initiatives in undergraduate engineering.

Integrated Learning at Queen's is the name for an ongoing initiative of curriculum development that seeks to:

  • Provide students with the skills (communications, lifelong learning, teamwork) and attitudes (sensitivity to social, environmental, and economic issues), which they need to elevate theory to practice

  • Increase the emphasis on active learning by the student, with the aim of increasing the depth of learning, the retention of understanding, and the development of learning skills

  • Provide students with an improved understanding of the role of other engineering disciplines and, indeed, of the role of professionals outside of engineering

Beemish Munro Hall

Beamish-Munro Hall
Home of the Integrated Learning Centre

Current weather - Walter Light Hall roof

The ILC has six large classroom areas, several smaller multi-use rooms, including group rooms for student use, and team spaces for the use of student teams.


Group Rooms

Group rooms are working offices for student teams. They are simply furnished, with a table, chairs, whiteboard and network connections. There are 38 group rooms; most accommodate six students; some will seat 10 or 12.

Competitive Team Spaces

With innovation and engineering skills, many students apply their knowledge to practical, hands-on design projects in teams. Most of these design projects culminate in a competition with other universities. Competitive Team facilities, which occupy a substantial amount of room in the ILC, house a selection of Queen's student-run teams. The teams have been provided with office space, team workrooms to accommodate the ongoing manufacturing, assembly and storage of projects and a large team assembly space for final assembly of their projects. These facilities enable current design teams to excel in their respective areas and encourage the development of future team design projects.

The Live Building is a living lab. The Integrated Learning Centre's mechanical, electrical and structural systems are monitored in real-time and left open to view, to show how sustainable practices can be incorporated into building design.

The building was created to serve undergraduate engineering students in several different ways. The ILC contains both laboratory and studio space, as well as being a giant lab itself. Exhibits and data are available to the public, to researchers, and to students, to help advance the understanding of engineering issues, concepts and ideas.

Underpinning our unique 10-point success model, the Student Services team provides extensive support, including both academic and personal advising.

The team is located on the third level of the ILC. More about the Student Services team…

The student design teams at Smith Engineering at Queen's offer students at all levels a chance to apply their budding academic and practical knowledge to a variety of challenging real-world projects. A number of these design teams are based in the ILC.

Learn more about design teams and clubs…

Formed in 1897, the Engineering Society of Queen’s University is one of the oldest representative bodies for engineering students in Canada and continues to be a leader in student initiatives. With 3,000 members currently staying on campus, 15,000 active alumni living throughout the world, and an annual budget of $1.7 million, EngSoc oversees some 45 student-run initiatives ranging from design projects to services to fun social events.

Visit the EngSoc website

Innovation and entrepreneurship are in abundance at Queen's. Started by engineering students, and located here in the ILC, the Tea Room is a prime example.