Room 313

  • Seats 80 (50 in 313a, 30 in 313b)
  • Data projector (HDMI, Mac)
  • Sound system, lapel microphone
  • Movable chairs and tables
The Active Learning Centre full of students
Students at work in the Active Learning Centre

The Active Learning Centre is a multi-purpose classroom. The space is designed to be versatile, and can be used as one large room that seats 80 or divided into two smaller rooms that seat 50 and 30 respectively. The room is oval, and the tables and chairs are meant to be moved around to accommodate different classroom layouts, depending upon individual teaching style and presentation method. The room is visually interesting and allows a large number of people to work together quite comfortably. It has been used for meetings, luncheons, workshops, and even plays. Smart lights can be set for several presentation styles, and three walls have whiteboards.