Rooms 212, 214 and 314

Level 2 plaza
  • Sound system & lapel microphone (214, 314)
  • Portable whiteboards
  • Presentation distribution software
  • Electronics lab equipment
  • Technologists available 8 am-11 pm weekdays.

The Plazas are intended for laboratory activity. A total of 67 instrumented benches (I-benches) are available for use; each has standard electronic instruments and can be adapted for particular experiments using modules of appropriate equipment. Two of the labs (314 and 214) have a sound distribution system, and each lab has presentation distribution software for instructors.

There are three separate plaza spaces, one on the 3rd floor that has 24 benches, and two on the 2nd floor that each have 20 benches (plus one instructor's station each, which can double as a student station). Each bench can seat up to three students. The 2nd floor labs can be booked and used as one large 40-seat lab. The software list for these labs can be found here. The labs are open long hours for students, until 11 pm every night before a school day. Students and groups are encouraged to work after hours in the labs. Student patrollers (iCons) are present in the building at all times that the building is open outside normal office hours.