Smith Engineering students are work-ready

Smith Engineering students are highly sought after for their professional and technical skills. All our students gain experience with client design projects throughout their degree program, and have professional skills training embedded in their coursework.

Our students come to you with competence in design thinking, ideation, teaming, client communication, conflict resolution techniques, project management, and evaluation.

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Our engineering programs give students the skills they need to work with you:

Hiring Smith Engineering Students

Engineering Corporate Relations is here to support you through the recruitment process. Our team can help you post jobs, establish your brand on campus, participate in our recruitment events and guide you through our internship program.

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Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP)

Our internship program operates on a continuous recruitment cycle. Post your jobs at any time for a May, September, or January start.

Our employers tell us that:

  • our 12–16-month internship empowers students to make a significant contribution to projects
  • our students bring fresh skill in design, data analysis, project management, programming, problem solving, and process optimization.

Visit the Career Services website to download the Employer Guide for Internships

Contact our team to learn more about QUIP

FAQs about QUIP

Summer/New Grad Job Postings

MyCareer is a one-stop career portal for all Smith Engineering students and recent alumni to search for career information and jobs. Employers can post jobs for free on the MyCareer Job Board.

Our team will assist in posting your positions, collecting applications, and forwarding an application bundle via email once your posting has closed. You can also choose to have students apply directly to your website.

Contact our Team to assist with job postings

Register for the MyCareer Portal

Visit the MyCareer Portal to post a position

Smith Engineering Recruitment Events

We offer various ways to engage with our students:

  • Engineering Industry Nights
  • Queen’s University Engineering and Technology Fair
  • Information Sessions and Workshops
  • Pop Up Booth
  • Speaker Events

For more targeted engagement, please reach out to our team.

Employer Resources

Need an interview space on campus? Contact our team for more information!
Have you hired a Smith Engineering student? Please let us know – we’d love to stay in touch and learn more about your experience with our students!