In anticipation of in-person exams, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has launched an internal ‘Stay Well’ campaign, encouraging students to be vigilant in the last weeks before assessments. “Student wellness is our top priority, and we want to ensure Engineering students are following best practices as we reach the end of a challenging year,” says Dean Kevin Deluzio.

The Faculty will be postering and sharing “Stay Well” messaging with students through internal communications, postering and on social media, encouraging them to continue masking, handwashing, and avoiding high-risk places and events.

“This is the final sprint: one last commitment to best practices and good health to keep you ready to write in-person exams,” Dean Deluzio says. “In-person exams and assessments are essential to evaluating our students’ progress, especially after almost two years of mixed exam and assessment formats due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We will be accommodating students who are unwell through supplemental evaluation methods, but those will not be available until later in the summer ,” he says. “With the majority of our students writing in person, we are relying on them to continue to demonstrate the kind of behaviour that saw us through the past two years of the pandemic: responsibility, prudence, and Queen’s community values.”

Engineering students can find additional resources for wellness and academic support through the Faculty’s EngWell Hub. Students in need of immediate support are supported through Queen’s Student Wellness ‘Get Help Now’ service.