Andrew Pollard PhD, P.Eng, FCAE, FASME, FAPS

Professor Emeritus

Emeritus Faculty, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Phone: 613-532-3920
McLaughlin Hall

Expertise: Fluid Mechanics-Turbulence CFD, Combustion, Biomass, Low carbon fuels
Andrew  Pollard
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While Professor Pollard became Emeritus as at January 1, 2017 following a highly successful 40 year career in academe, he remains active in research; however, he no longer trains either graduate students or post-docs. Professor Pollard's research interests are in computational and experimental fluid dynamics with particular interest in turbulence. His research seeks to uncover the physics of turbulence and attendant physical transport processes. Early work included modelling (Reynolds and Favre averaged) of processes that have in the past included combustion and radiation. Current work includes simulation (Direct and Large Eddy Simulation) of free round jets, incipient separation, flow in spacer filled channels, channel flows subject compressibility and pressure gradients and flow in the human airway and heart. His group has used Discontinuous Galerkin methods, Lattice Boltzmann methods and finite volume methods for their simulations. Analysis of data obtained from either DNS, LES or experiments is done using a variety of turbulence structure identification methods. Passive and active control of turbulence is used to enhance physical understanding. Professor Pollard's additional research is the introduction of low carbon fuels into industries that have traditionally relied on fossil fuels. This includes electricity generation, cement and other sectors that focus on solar PV, biomass and wind. He and his students have invented a novel torrefied and densified biomass pellet that has a United States Patent No. 9,701,086  Issue Date:  11 July 2017 and Canadian patent 2,850,975 Issued September 1 2020. 

Professor Pollard was a founding member, Associate Director and Director of the Centre for Advanced Gas Combustion Technology of Queen's University. He was a founding member and inaugural president of the CFD Society of Canada ( He was a founding member and the Principal Investigator of the High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory, which has evolved into the Centre for Advanced Computing, ( as well as a founding member, Chair of the Board of Directors and President of Association Inc. ( Compute/Calcul Canada ( builds on the success of He was the inaugural Director of the Collaborative Master's Programme in Computational Science and Engineering as well as the inaugural Director of the Sustainable Bio-economy Centre. 

  • Turbulence 
  • High Performance Computing 
  • Experimental and numerical methods 
  • Combustion and Mixing 
  • Direct and Large Eddy Simulation 
  • Passive Control Turbulence (Free and Wall-bounded) 
  • Human Oropharyngeal flow 
  • Multi-phase flow in the Human Heart (emboli) 
  • Renewable and sustainable energy, incl. solar PV and biomass 

PLEASE NOTE: As at January 1, 2017 Professor Pollard no longer does any formal teaching. 

Only 2010-2022 provided. See my C.V. for complete list. 


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I have successfully managed well over $50,000,000 of research funding throughout my career. Please see my C.V. for a partial listing 


  • Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering 
  • Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
  • Fellow, American Physical Society 
  • Alumni Achievement Medal, Academic Excellence, University of Waterloo (2017) 

I have successfully supervised over 80 M.Sc., Ph.D. and Post doctoral fellows. See my C.V. for full list 

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