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Welcome to our Virtual Tour

Room 208, McLaughlin Hall, Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Still under construction, more to come...

The Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory is well equipped with the latest equipment. It has multiple hot wire anemometer systems and a three component particle image velocimetry system (dual camera). Rigs include a magnetic driven flying hot wire system, which can move with a volume of 1.5 x 1.5 x 3M, and is currently attached to a free jet facility; a wall jet facility that has dual three dimensional stepper motor positioning traverses; a liquid loop used for internal flow PIV studies biological applications; and a unique two phase fluid facility that is used for studying bubble interfacial dynamics. The lab computing facilities include a myriad of high end work stations all connect to over 15 Terabytes of online storage. Ready access to the Centre for Advanced Computing, which Prof. Pollard was the original principal investigator, enables DNS, LES and post processing of experimental data ( There are also facilities for biomass processing, testing and evaluation, including torrefaction and biomass densification, all located at Innovation Park (