Please do not mail any of the below forms to our office (RM 300, Beamish-Munro Hall).

Please note, if you are unsure of which form you should use, please contact your Academic Advisor or the Faculty Office at

Further information on regulations, waivers, and appeals here.

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Course Forms:

Leave of Absence/Resumption of Studies/Re-Admission:

Academic Appeals and Withdrawal Waivers:

Absence and Accommodation forms for students:

Forms are available in the Absences and Accommodations section of this site.

Academic Plan Change:

Academic Plan Change Request (PDF)

Deadline: July 15 for Fall term, November 15 for Winter term
Late Deadline: August 15 for the Fall term, and December 15 for the Winter term. A fee of $60 must accompany the late form.


  • Please note that free discipline choice is only guaranteed for First Year students during the February/March discipline selection period. Programs that are full following this period will not be accepting academic plan change requests (discipline transfers).
  • A student in good academic standing may switch OUT of any program, but may only switch into a program which is not at capacity, and upon approval by the department and the Associate Dean (Academic).
  • All requests for an Academic Plan change must be submitted to; Smith Engineering Faculty Office, Student Services, BMH 300, for consideration by the Associate Dean (Academic).
  • Please be advised that students must meet the minimum requirements (including prerequisites) of their requested Academic Plan to be considered for discipline transfer.
  • NOTE: Students submitting after July 31 for the Fall or November 15 for the Winter, must submit by the Late Deadlines listed above. A fee of $60 must accompany the late form. Credit card payments can be made online through the Online Store


  • As a general guideline, students should be aware that if they have completed the second year in another program, upon transferring they will probably require at least an extra term to complete their degrees. If they have completed the third year in another program, they will probably require an extra year to complete their degrees.
  • Before submitting the Academic Plan Change Form, students must receive academic advice and a signature from their Undergraduate Chair or other advisors in the department that they want to transfer to.
  • The UG Chair or advisor's signature confirms that the student has received academic advice and meets the minimum requirements of the program. It does not guarantee that there will be space available, or that the transfer will be approved.”

Rewrite and Supplemental Exam Applications:

First Year Winter 2024 Course Rewrite Exam Application -  Due May 17th, 2024

Upper Year Supplemental Exam Application - Due June 7th, 2024