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It will take the entire Smith Engineering community’s creativity, dedication and passion to make this transformation meaningful and real.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts about this project, and the future of Engineering for Everyone in Smith Engineering at Queen's. Send us an email to the project address: we read and reply to every message we get.

Get involved with initiatives for women in engineering

Visit our Chair for Women in Engineering subsite and learn more about the status of women in engineering, and how you can get involved through events, educational opportunities, and a photo project to reshape how we view women in STEM.

Queen’s Connections Outreach is the Smith Engineering outreach group for school-aged children, and includes several programs exclusively for girls in STEM, including GoEngGirl and GoCode Girl.

Chair for Women
Aboriginal Access to Engineering

Learn more about STEM education for Indigenous youth

For nearly a decade, Indigenous Futures in Engineering has been supporting Indigenous students at Smith Engineering, while also leading award-winning programs for Indigenous youth in their communities. You can learn more about their work at the InEng website.

Black Youth in STEM

Smith Engineering has also launched Black Youth in STEM, an initiative to provide STEM learning opportunities to Black children in the Frontenac region.

Follow our students’ diversity initiatives

Smith Engineering applauds our student government, the Engineering Society, in its mandate to provide mandatory equity and diversity training to all EngSoc executive from 2020 onward, as well as a number of student-facing awareness-raising initiatives it has launched and continues to advance, including badge programs, student, profiles of staff and faculty from marginalized communities, and much more.

It also notes the significant work of clubs and design teams to ensure diversity and equity become part of their core mission, such as the recent transformational work by our Formula SAE team to examine and address diversity issues within one of Canada’s leading engineering student design groups.

Smith Engineering is also home to a number of student clubs that celebrate diversity in STEM:

Two children working on a robot