What does an engineer look like? What do they do?

Browse the gallery below for a unique view of engineering.

The gallery aims to highlight women in an effort to shift away from the stereotypical image of an engineer and provide women a place where they can see themselves represented. We are expanding this image by collecting self-submitted photos of women in engineering roles and hobbies from coast to coast.

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Join these women in redefining the image of an engineer by sending us your photos! Women from across Canada are encouraged to participate.


Action, not profile photos
We’re looking for shots of engineering at work and in work settings – not LinkedIn profile photos!
Professional photos and “engineering in life” shots are welcome – engineering hobbies and pursuits such as woodworking, 3D modelling/printing, and so on.

But I’m not working in a lab!
We’re mostly remote these days, which poses an additional challenge. But a picture of you in a home office, or at a computer, is fine!
- A photo with your computer monitor in the background – with a company logo, or something you’re working on – would be terrific.
- Reading a book – working on a laptop – writing in a notepad – there are lots of ways to show you at work without your having to be around complex equipment.

I’m not a professional photographer!
That’s fine! A partner or colleague with a modern phone and some patience as you try different angles, lighting scenarios (ceiling light on or off? Curtains open or closed?) can work marvels. The idea is to get enough photos, in aggregate, that people will see a broad vista of women in engineering; you will be surprised at how good an iPhone or Android photo can be, but it’s also part of a future tapestry of (hopefully) thousands of these images.

A few other notes…
- If you are in a lab or work environment, please be sure you’re following all safety standards, even if you’re not actively using equipment.
- We’ll be using these photos on our website, and social media. If you want us to stop using them for the project, you’re free to let us know at any point.
- Please send us the full-size images – they should be 2-4 MB in size. Instagram and other social media tools shrink and modify your images in ways we can’t use.
- If you’re using an iPhone, you can turn off the “HEIC” image setting under Settings > Camera > Formats (“Maximum Compatibility”)

Aboriginal Access to engineering student

Geological engineer not in a lab

Engineer working on gold extraction

Lauren Flynn performing stem cell regeneration