Learn more about life as a Smith Engineering student as Alessia Panzica (second year, Mathematics and Engineering) and Nicholas Ramsubick (fifth year, Biochemical Engineering) tour you through our most prominent Engineering buildings.

How to watch these videos

These are not your average tour videos! They were filmed with a 360-degree camera, so you can look around, and even up and down, while they play.

We've put the first speaker in our first video (Foyer) off-screen – see if you can use your mouse to find Alessia as the video begins!


Beamish-Munro Hall

With a prototyping lab, student-run café, academic support staff, an engineering student lounge, and more – Beamish-Munro Hall is the backbone of Smith Engineering. Learn more about the innovative spaces within the building, and how the structure itself was built to highlight engineering design principles.


Mitchell Hall

Opened in 2018, Mitchell Hall is a modern space with multiple Smith Engineering teaching studios and labs. The building also houses student wellness facilities and student support services.