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For 80 years running, Queen’s has exceeded the national average of women enrolled in engineering.

The field of engineering relies on diverse perspectives to view a problem from all angles. Engineers solve problems that affect communities, and individual lives engaging in the important work to make our world better. As a woman in engineering, you will be helping to steer the field in a better direction.


Queen’s Women in Engineering 2023


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Women in Engineering Groups

  1. WiSE

    Our Women in Engineering and Science (WiSE) student group is committed to collaboration, education, and inspiration. They run networking events to help our students form connections with established engineers and professionals, as well as a mentorship program. They also work to inspire the next generation with their outreach programs, hosting workshops and events for girls to help foster an interest in STEM subjects. 

  1. WiE

    Our Women in Engineering team is focused on improving the retention of women in the field and study of engineering. Their efforts are far-reaching, including advocacy, curriculum development, research opportunities, and outreach for girls and women of all ages. They also host various events to engage and connect current students.

  1. RoboGals

    Perfect for students with an interest in technology and a drive to inspire future engineers, our RoboGals team travels to local schools to host workshops for girls to encourage engagement in STEM.

  1. Q-WASE

    Run by an executive team of engineering students, Q-WASE is an annual conference diving into the topic of gender disparity in engineering. It brings together industry professionals and leaders, as well as students.

  1. Queen's Women in Automotive Motorsport Industry

    The Queen’s Women in Automotive and Motorsport Conference (QWAi) was developed to empower students with one main goal: to be a part of the next generation of female engineers and businesswomen in the automotive and motorsport industries. The annual one-day conference held in Kingston, Ontario is an opportunity for speakers and sponsors to network, learn, and share their experiences and expertise with a group of passionate delegates.


What to Expect at Smith Engineering:

  1. Guaranteed Discipline Choice.

    In our common first year, you are guaranteed your top choice of discipline, as long as you pass your first year courses. We don’t have a limit on the number of students who can choose each program. This gives you time to explore different aspects of engineering to figure out what is right for you, and a straightforward path toward meeting your academic goals. It helps make Smith Engineering a collaborative community, rather than a competitive one— and teamwork is key in engineering

  1. Exceptional Student Community.

    Smith Engineering is renowned for our student community. You can get involved with a wide variety of clubs and design teams. Our design teams work together on a fun engineering project and often take these designs to national and international competitions. Our Engineering Society is involved in all aspects of student life, running a sustainable café, hosting events, providing study support, and much more.

  1. Support and Transition from High School.

    Our 91% degree completion rate reflects our commitment to the success of our students. We start supporting our students before they even step foot on campus, giving you access to our optional summer prep modules and practice quizzes to help build your confidence. In your first year, you'll be grouped into a section of around 30- 50 students with the same schedule as you. This allows you to see familiar faces in both your small labs and tutorials and your larger lectures. 

  1. Internships and Career Development.

    As a Smith Engineering student, you will get to decide if you would like to join our internship program, allowing you to go on a 12 – 16 month paid internship. Our team will support you with resume development and job interview prep. Even if you choose not to go on an internship, we still bring career development to the classroom, helping prepare you for a career in engineering.  

Applying to Smith Engineering

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Engineering


Our Research

We are proud to have the first Chair for Women in Engineering in Canada,  Dr. Heidi Ploeg. A Chair position is responsible for significant progress and research in a dedicated field. Dr. Ploeg conducts research, develops and delivers curricula that is inclusive to women, and supports outreach efforts to strengthen youth interest in STEM. Her goal is to increase the number of women who become practicing engineers and engineering students. Dr. Ploeg has re-introduced our course "Gender, Engineering and Technology". 

Women in Science and Engineering Podcast

Our WiSE student group hosts a bi-weekly podcast, "How to be WiSE", featuring exclusive interviews from inspirational women working, teaching, and studying in STEM fields. The interviewees will vary from professors and students at Queen’s to industry professionals.

Check it out if you're interested in hearing from women in STEM fields! Available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and RSS.

In the Field

Women from across the country have sent in photos of themselves in the field to help show women what is possible as an engineer.

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