Who Can Apply

Incoming students are required to have GPA equivalent to a 2.7 (for information on Queen’s grading scales, please visit the University Registrar website), but all applicants will receive individual consideration.

All courses at Queen's University are taught in English. Students who are from countries where the language of instruction is not English will be required to provide proof of their competency in English with their exchange application. For more information about the test of facility of English that are accepted by Queen's, please consult the table on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

How to Apply

Application process:

  • Find out if your university has a formal agreement with Queen’s University
  • Apply for nomination at your home university
  • Once nominated, complete the online application form sent from Queen’s University and submit the supporting documents to your home university’s exchange office
  • Select your courses from the list of available courses (See Academics page for details) and submit the online Course Selection Form
  • Visit our “preparation for exchange” for information on support services and orientation

Supporting documents:

  • Completed Application
  • Confirmation of English Language Test (if required)
  • Official Academic Transcript
  • Academic Letter of Reference
  • Course Selection Form