Scope and Mandate

This award recognizes outstanding contributions by faculty members to the research environment in Smith Engineering at Queen's at Queen’s University. The award is intended to reward mid-career faculty for their research excellence as indicated by quality and impact of published research, research productivity and research leadership.  Fostering the development of collaborative research initiatives within the faculty, within the University, and both nationally and internationally as well as a broader impact on society will also be considered.


All Assistant and Associate Professors who are members of the five engineering departments are eligible and are to be nominated by heads of departments or by other faculty members, using a single letter that should be submitted through the head to avoid multiple letters.

Funding Details

The winner of the award will receive a grant of $10,000 to be used to support their research.

Application Details

Application package

The application package should consist of:

  1. The nominee's CV
  2. A single nomination letter describing how the activity of the nominee has contributed to the research environment within the faculty


The nomination letter and nominee's CV are to be submitted to the Faculty Office no later than 4pm on October 2, 2023 to the following email address: 

Adjudication Process

The award will be adjudicated by a committee of faculty members selected by the Dean. The winner will be listed on the Faculty website.  The award will be formally acknowledged at Faculty Board.