Scope and Mandate

The Charles Allan Thompson Summer Research Award Endowment Fund was established in memory of Charles Allan Thompson, B.Sc. (Mech.Eng.) 1937, by a bequest from the estate of Edith M. Thompson and is awarded on the basis of academic achievement to upper year students in Engineering. The Award is intended to provide support for students in Engineering to participate in a summer research program.


This Award will be presented to a deserving student consistent with the following guidelines:

  1. Open to international and domestic upper year students registered in a full-time degree program in Engineering, who have successfully completed all the course requirements of the first year of their undergraduate program. Also taken into consideration, the basis of academic achievement, and demonstrated interest in research. Students who are graduating during the year of the award are eligible to apply providing they are not registered in a graduate program while they hold this award.

  2. International students must apply only for the Charles Allan Thompson Research Award. Domestic students must apply only for the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA). Any unsuccessful domestic USRA applications will be automatically considered for the Charles Allan Thompson Research Award.
  3. Students receiving the Charles Allan Thompson Research Award must be supervised by a faculty member, whose primary appointment is with Queen’s University, and who is eligible to hold a NSERC research grant, either at the time of application or when the student holds the award.

Funding Details

The Charles Allan Thompson Summer Research Award is a one-time payment of $6,000. Four awards are expected to be awarded. Additional salary will be paid by the faculty supervisor to give a minimum total value of $10,192.00 (including vacation pay). An additional supplement may be offered by the supervisor based on availability of funds.

Students are required to spend 16 weeks of full-time employment on their project, normally during the period May 1 to August 31 as arranged with their faculty supervisors.

Application Details

Application package

Applicants are asked to submit the following documents for consideration:

  1. Charles Allan Thompson Award Application Form (Part I & II)
  2. Scholarship: Consent to Release Information Form
  3. Unofficial Transcript


Applicants are encouraged to submit an electronic application to the faculty office no later than Monday March 4, 2024, to the following email address:

Adjudication Process

Selection will be made by the Dean of Engineering or designate.