Engineers apply principles of science and math to solve problems, build products, and make processes more efficient. Engineering is a very creative field, with an emphasis on putting science into practice.

Engineers are responsible for impressive products, systems, materials, and processes we rely on in our daily lives. For example, engineers find solutions for water pollution, build state-of-the-art infrastructure, create artificial organs, and design green and efficient transportation systems. 

Engineers are problem solvers, leaders, and able to work collaboratively. Engineering is very broad, and there are many disciplines of engineering, each with its own set of specialized knowledge and career possibilities. The skills you learn in engineering will help develop exceptional problem-solving skills that will be transferable to any career.

  • What is Chemical Engineering

    From food to fuel to medication, we rely on chemical engineers to ensure that the products we depend on are safe, sustainable, and cost-effective.

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    What is Civil Engineering

    Civil engineering is a dynamic and rewarding profession that uses creative problem-solving to improve society.

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    What is Electrical Engineering

    Using their knowledge of applied mathematics, applied electromagnetics, quantum mechanics, and computer coding, electrical engineers design and improve electrical equipment.

  • What is Computer Engineering

    Computer engineering connects digital hardware and computer science to create advanced computer systems and leading-edge software.

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    What is Geological Engineering

    Any engineering project that interacts with the Earth or Earth materials in any way requires the input of Geological Engineers.

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    What is Mechanical Engineering

    When it comes to designing and improving machines, mechanical engineers drive every stage of design, manufacturing, construction, and research.

  • What is Mechatronics and Robotics

    Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering in the design of products and manufacturing processes.

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    What is Mining Engineering

    Mining engineering is a discipline that uses knowledge from multiple disciplines to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of mining processes and operations.

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    What is Engineering Physics

    The Engineering Physics program allows students to apply the knowledge of fundamental physical principles underlying modern technology and processes.

What is a P.Eng? Learn more about the licensing process for Professional Engineers in Ontario.