The Graduate Diploma in Water and Human Health, hosted by the Beaty Water Research Centre, is designed to give recent graduates and professionals an enhanced understanding of the role of water in driving health outcomes and ultimately the sustainability of populations and communities. This diploma will investigate water in its natural state with an emphasis on the chemical and biological contaminants on human health. The movement of water throughout watersheds will be explored to give students an understanding of hydrological processes, while water regulations and policy will be discussed within the context of driving governance issues in many jurisdictions around the world.


Program Structure

The Water and Human Health Graduate Diploma consists of four online courses which are offered at a full-time basis (four courses over one term). The length of the program aligns with the current 12-week structure of Queen’s on-campus semesters. Diploma graduates may ladder their 4-course credits into two types of master’s degrees at Queen’s: 1) research-based thesis, or 2) course-work based.

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Additional Information

Find more information on the Beaty Water Research Centre website.

Grad Maps

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Program Contact

Associate Director
Geoffrey Hall
Beaty Water Research Centre