The Advanced Design and Manufacturing Institute (ADMI) offers an exciting graduate program (MEng) for practicing engineers seeking to further their technical knowledge in addition to learning the business and management skills necessary for advancement to the forefront of their profession.

The ADMI MEng program is designed to provide engineers with enhanced skills in engineering design, manufacturing processes, and business management. A partnership of the engineering and business schools of Queen’s University and the University of Western Ontario, this part-time, in-class program is delivered in the Greater Toronto Area.


Program Structure

The program is delivered in a focused, time-compressed modular format designed to allow working engineering professionals to pursue a master’s degree while working in their field. Each course is composed of two weekend modules comprising approximately 36 hours of in-class time per course spent on lectures, discussion and application work.

The modules are separated by a one month interval to facilitate the learning process and allow for selected projects and assignments to be undertaken. ADMI MEng courses are structured to include a variety of elements including classroom lectures and discussions, case studies, practical industrial applications, individual coaching, and group interaction.

The ADMI MEng program requires participants to dedicate a total of six full days of focused in-class participation in each course, as well as complete take-home assignments.

Additional Information

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Program Contact

Graduate Assistant
Jane Davies
McLaughlin Hall, Room 201