CBME 802 - Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series

The Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series is presented in the fall and winter terms. Regular seminars are scheduled once a month during the term, but special seminars may be held in addition to the regularly scheduled talks.

To complete CBME 802:

Master's students must attend at least 80% of the CBME seminars per year and present one research seminar on his/her thesis work.

Doctoral students must attend at least 80% of the CBME seminars per year and present two research seminars on his/her thesis work.

Seminar themes:

Each seminar will fall into one of three categories: research, training, or clinical. Research seminars will be broadly based, involving aspects of biomedical engineering, biomechanics, biomedical computing, mobility, rehabilitation and ergonomics. Training seminars will cover topics of interest that would not normally be covered in course-based material, e.g. patents and intellectual property, research approaches and experimental design, effective communication of research results, and media relations. Clinical seminars may cover any area of clinical practice which is relevant to research in the areas noted above.

Suggestions for possible speakers or topic areas are welcomed. If you have ideas for future seminars, please email us at: hmrc.seminars@queensu.ca

2022-23 Seminar Schedule

LOCATION: Sorbie Conference Room (Center for Health Innovation, KGH) or Zoom (please check individual seminar announcements)

TIME: Wednesdays at 1:30 - 2:30 pm

*Please note that registration is required for Zoom-hosted seminars. Registration links are sent via the SEMINAR-L@LISTS.QUEENSU.CA listserv or posted on the CBME802 OnQ website.

Table provides list of speakers and topics for the 2021/2021 CBME Seminar Series.
Date Speaker Title Location
Sept 21, 2022 Dr. Kevin De France (Department of Chemical Engineering, Queen's University) Sustainable nanomaterials from cellulose & protein: emerging building blocks for functional applications Sorbie Conference Room (CHI)
Oct 19, 2022 Dr. Mike Willand (Co-Founder, CTO at Epineuron) Electroceutical treatment of injured peripheral nerves and the creation of a startup - a transformational journey from academia to industry Sorbie Conference Room (CHI)
Nov 16, 2022 Andrew Zwart, Eric Jenkins, and David Vonka (DIH Medical Group) DIH Technology: Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry Zoom
Dec 7, 2022 Student Seminar Day Please register with Dr. Fitzpatrick to present. Sorbie Conference Room (CHI)
Jan 25, 2023 Dr. Marta Cerruti (Materials Engineering, McGill University)
Polymeric Biomaterial Surface Modification for Better Tissue Integration
Feb 8, 2023 Dr. Tesfahun Melese Yilma (Dabat Research Center and Health Informatics, University of Gondar) Design, Development, and Use of Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities through Educational Platform: A Collaborative Research Project between Queen’s University and the University of Gondar Sorbie Conference Room (CHI)
Mar 8, 2023 Dr. Michael Hendry (Department of Surgery, Queen's University and Attending Surgeon,Division of Plastic Surgery, KHSC) Evolving technologies in managing peripheral nerve injuries: a surgeon scientist perspective Sorbie Conference Room (CHI)

March 29, 2023 Dr. Juan Hernández-Cordero (Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM))
Photonics applications of photothermal polymer composites
Sorbie Conference Room (CHI)
April 5, 2023 Student Seminar Day Please register with Dr. Fitzpatrick to present. Sorbie Conference Room(CHI)

To be added to the CBME/HMRC Seminar Series mailing list, please send your request to hmrc.seminars@queensu.ca.