Congratulations to the four Chemical Engineering students that were awarded this years’ Dean’s Teaching Assistant Award (DTA2) for graduate students. This annual award recognizes exceptional Teaching Assistants across Smith Engineering who have been nominated by their departments. The award is intended to reward excellent Teaching Assistants and ultimately contribute to enhancing the overall undergraduate and graduate experiences. Four awards are offered each year in each of the five Engineering Departments, each valued at $3,000. The award is offered to students as additional funding to their graduate student funding package.

From left to right: Lizzie Bygott, Joshua Chamberland, Aldo Emmanuel González López and Houda Haidar.

Lizzie Bygott (PhD Candidate supervised by Robin Hutchinson) for CHEE 323. Her research is investigating synthesis and utilization of acrylic macromonomers. Recent publication: The Use of High-Temperature Semi-Batch Radical Polymerization to Synthesize Acrylate Based Macromonomers and Structured Copolymers.

Joshua Chamberland (MASc Candidate supervised by Dominik Barz and Scott Parent) for CHEE 418 and CHEE 471. His research is investigating hybrid energy storage devices using organic radicals and ionic liquids. Recent publication: Optimized hydrogel electrodes for supercapacitors from high-concentration aqueous graphene nanoplatelet dispersions.

Aldo Emmanuel González López (PhD Candidate supervised by Carlos Escobedo) for CHEE 412. Aldo’s research focuses on the development of sensing platforms for measuring micro deflection in membranes and microfluidic strategies for microplastic handling and detection.

Houda Haidar (PhD Candidate supervised by Kim McAuley) for CHEE 311.  Houda’s research is in modelling of a heat-integrated biomass downdraft gasifier: influence of feed moisture and airflow.

In addition, congratulations to Aldo Emmanuel González López who also recently received this year’s Education Catalyst Award, which recognizes the excellent skills of a teaching assistant in the Chemical Engineering Department. This award recognizes an individual who best combines the ability to effectively communicate ideas, willingness to help students, knowledge of course material and ability to answer questions effectively. Nominees for the award are selected by undergraduate students.