Congratulations to our Research Development Coordinator, Sophie Felleiter, who received this year’s Engineering Esteem Collaboration Award!

This award recognizes an employee from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (FEAS) who identified and forged new partnerships or associations in order to improve more widespread efficiencies, decision making and /or to progress general interest organization goals. Since joining the Department of Chemical Engineering in January 2022, Sophie has forged new partnerships by creating, uplifting, and bringing together the research culture in Chemical Engineering and has rejuvenated the department’s social media and news. Her collaborative spirit eases and encourages participation in programs outside of faculty members traditional disciplines, strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration in Chemical Engineering, FEAS, and across Queen’s. Sophie is also a key member of the National Organizing Committee for ADCHEM 2024, an international conference in collaboration with members from eight Canadian universities and one company.

“The strength of Sophie’s contributions lies both in developing and effectively expressing ideas in grant applications, and in her exceptional organizational skills, overseeing brining together elements from multiple stakeholder groups required for grant submissions, and ensuring that they are brought together properly” – Professor James McLellan