Congratulations to Xiaodan Zhu, recipient of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Faculty Research Award from JP Morgan in the category of AI to Empower Employees. An Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Zhu is awarded the 2022 award for the following research: Exploring Robust Reasoning Models for Financial Text.

Zhu is a Mitchell Professor with the Ingenuity Labs Research Institute at Queen’s whose research field is in machine learning, natural language processing, and AI.

The AI Research Team at JP Morgan partners with leading faculty around the world on areas of mutual interest. According to the company, its “annual awards demonstrate our ongoing commitment to support AI research, part of our US$10 billion-plus annual investment in technology and innovation.”

“Recent AI tools like chatGPT are reshaping the landscape of many applications,” says Zhu, “but they lack fact verification and reasoning capabilities, which are critical for high-stakes tasks like many in finance. I am so excited that the JP Morgan Faculty Research Awards will support our research at Queen’s on developing robust reasoning models for processing financial text, which includes developing fact verification models based on tabular data for financial statements and developing models that can better infer customers’ stance and sentiment in financial text.”

Xiaodan Zhu



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