A five-part series of articles and video launches today, exploring the work of Connections Engineering Outreach, the youth-facing unit in the Faculty of Engineering charged with inspiring young people to consider STEM-oriented and engineering careers.

The primary focus of Connections Engineering Outreach is to provide experiential learning opportunities for students from kindergarten to grade 12. The unit was established in 2014 when the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science recognized the impact the university could have on STEM learning in the greater Kingston community.

The mission is to:

  • Provide experiential opportunities for pre-university students to learn about engineering, with an additional focus on increasing diversity within the engineering profession. 
  • Develop and share quality engineering education tasks that align with the Ontario K-12 Curriculum.
  • Provide support and professional development opportunities for educators looking to integrate engineering and 21st century skills into their practice. 
  • Develop positive relationships between the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and the Kingston community.


All the details…


Connections outreach team brings STEM enrichment to area youth — The goal of the Connections Engineering youth outreach initiative is to provide experiential opportunities for elementary and secondary students in the Kingston area to further their interests and explore passions in STEM fields.


Connections brings STEM concepts to local schools and libraries — Queen’s Connections has developed classroom and community-based programs that inspire and engage young people while showing how classroom theory connects with practical applications.


Connections strategies aim for under-represented youth to envision careers in STEM — With an eye on the future of the engineering profession and STEM fields in general, the Connections team has designed programming for Black youth, girls, and financially challenged students.


Connections inspires youth to match passions with engineering — The Connections team has tasked itself to inspire young people to explore the ways their dreams and ambitions, even those that may not immediately seem relevant, might incorporate STEM and engineering education and training.


Connections summer program provides on-campus STEM experiences for youth — The Queen’s Summer Engineering Academy is a hands-on experiential learning program that engages young people with STEM concepts while demonstrating the many career paths that are available to engineers.