The Queen’s Engineering Research Networking Day reunited faculty members and external organizations for the first time since the beginning of the COVID pandemic for a day of knowledge-sharing and networking. Over 200 attendees, including 77 faculty and 72 graduate students gathered in Mitchell Hall for the day on October 12 to highlight research endeavors at Queen’s Engineering and spark opportunities to translate bright ideas into real-world applications.

Faculty from the Department of Chemical Engineering hosted various sessions and presented throughout the day. Laurence Yang, Brian Amsden and Nicolas Hudon co-hosted sessions on Sustainability and Environmental Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Materials, Resources and Manufacturing (Part 2), respectively. Presenters included Cao Thang Dinh, Dominik Barz, Marianna Kontopoulou, Ehssan Koupaie, Kevin De France, Carlos Escobedo, Lindsay Fitzpatrick, Nicolas Hudon, Martin Guay, and Scott Parent.

Several other graduate students also presented in the poster session including Telema Harry (Supervised by Martin Guay), Opeyemi Ajogbeje (Robin Hutchinson), Haritha Haridas (Marianna Kontopolou), Sandra Smeltzer (Michael Cunningham), Yuxi Zhang (Lindsay Fitzpatrick), Nathan Holwell (Brian Amsden), Shamimeh Azimi (Aris Docoslis), Bexi Bustillo (Carlos Escobedo), Katie Sciborski (Dominik Barz), Maryam Ghazizade Fard (Ehssan Koupaie), and Behnam Nourmohammadi Khiarak (Cao Thang Dinh). Congratulations to Isaac Thevathasan (Brian Amsden) and Cornelius Obasanjo (Cao Thang Dinh) who won best poster prizes in the Materials, Resources, and Manufacturing category and the Low-Carbon Energy Category, respectively.


Figure 1. Lindsay Fitzpatrick presenting her research “Taking the Toll out of Foreign Body Reactions: Linking tissue damage, Toll-like receptors and biomaterial host responses” in the Biomedical Engineering Session.


Figure 2. Dominik Barz presenting his research “An Ion Exchange Membrane-free Yet Ultrastable Zinc-Iodine Battery Enabled by Functionalized Graphene Electrodes” in the Low-Carbon Energy Session.


Figure 3. Carlos Escobedo presenting his research “Nanostructured Metals as (Bio)sensors” in the Biomedical Engineering Session.


Figure 4. Marianna Kontopoulou presenting “Sustainable plastics: Is there hope?” in the Sustainability and Environmental Engineering Session.


Figure 5. Cao Thang Dinh presenting his research “Renewable Fuels and Chemicals from Air and Water” in the Low-Carbon Energy Session.


Figure 6. Isaac Thevathasan (Left) and Cornelius Obasanjo (right) won best poster in the Materials, Resources, and Manufacturing category the Low-Carbon Energy Category, respectively