Dear members of the Queen's Engineering community,

I would like to reinforce the message from Principal Deane on the events in Iran that was circulated yesterday. I wholeheartedly support this message. These events are affecting many in our community on a very personal level. There are many with ties to the region who are concerned about the safety of loved ones. Queen’s Engineering stands with the Queen’s community against threats to freedom, equity and justice. The strength of our community is often demonstrated in the most difficult moments in our global society. I am grateful to be part of this supportive and compassionate engineering community, and know we will be mindful and helpful to those in this community who need that support. Further support for students is available through the following resources:

The Principal's message follows:

Like so many of you, I have watched with horror the events unfolding in Iran. The latest attacks by Iranian police on students protesting at Tehran’s Sharif University have brought this matter even closer to home. For several weeks, the world has watched as brave citizens have taken to the streets after the senseless death of a young woman at the hands of an oppressive regime. They have used their voices to challenge and criticize sexism, inequity, violence and abuse.

The role of universities is to encourage critical thought and to create safe spaces for people to debate freely and without encumbrance. The spectacle of that space threatened, even terminated by brute force and intimidation demands a strong and unequivocal response from Queen’s and other universities worldwide. While our primary concern must be the Iranian people, and particularly our colleagues at Sharif University, what is at stake in Iran has serious ramifications for us all. We must condemn in the strongest terms any government that threatens to extinguish what is at the core of any university, free thought. And we must stand up for equity, justice and an end to intolerance.

I hope you will join me and lend whatever support you can to the Iranian people. For our students and colleagues directly affected by this conflict, the university has supports in place to assist. Please use them.

Dean Kevin Deluzio