Congratulations to Steacy Coombs (pictured left) and Mona Kanso (pictured right) who were each awarded a Lew Erwin Extrusion Division Scholarship from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Foundation. Mona and Steacy are both PhD students supervised by Professor Jeffrey Giacomin.

SPE established these $5,000 scholarships to recognize the outstanding achievements of a PhD candidate pursuing exceptional research in polymer extrusion. Scholarship recipients also then publish on their research in the reviewed conference proceedings and then present this paper at SPE’s Annual Technical Conference for Plastic Professionals (ANTEC). The purpose of SPE's Extrusion Division is to advance the technical body of knowledge in the field of plastics extrusion as a whole, by conducting seminars at all levels of proficiency, by promoting extrusion technical activities at the local levels of the Society, and by publishing plastics extrusion technical information.coombs_kanso_pic.png