Programming is now a fundamental skill for students entering engineering studies. To ensure that first-year students hit the ground running, Queen’s Engineering has introduced a free online module to help students assess their skills and upgrade their capabilities.

“Queen’s Engineering welcomes the best young engineering minds from around the world,” says Marianna Kontopoulou, Associate Dean (Academic) at Queen’s Engineering. “Coding is essential to contemporary engineering education but is not consistently part of high school curriculums. This creates inequities between students with prior programming knowledge, and those who have not had the opportunity to explore programming before coming to Queen’s. This innovative online training program will ensure our students start with the same programming fundamentals.”

The programming module includes components such as simple expressions, if statements, and  loops. 

This module joins three other QEng Prep modules: mathematics, chemistry, and physics. All have been designed in collaboration with Queen’s Engineering faculty and its Teaching & Learning Team and evaluated by faculty and students to ensure lessons are both robust and easy to follow.

The program is designed to help students enter engineering school with the knowledge they need to succeed, with a particular focus on ensuring students without access to advanced high school programming in engineering-related topics have the resources they need to succeed at Queen’s.

“The Queen’s Engineering community is a tight-knit group,” says Dean Kevin Deluzio. “We care about each other, and we want every student to succeed not only at school, but to be ready to help solve the grand challenges of the future. Making sure our students all have the necessary tools to succeed is an essential part of Queen’s Engineering.”

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