Paul Hungler and Garry Rasmussen Recognized for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching

Congratulations to Paul Hungler (Assistant Professor) and Garry Rasmussen (Adjunct Instructor) on their recent awards recognizing excellence demonstrated by educators at Queen’s. Paul received the Principals Teaching and Learning Award in Educational Technology and Garry received the Applied Science First Year Teaching and Learning Award.

The Principal’s Teaching and Learning Awards celebrate teaching excellence and the diverse ways in which the student learning experience is enhanced by educators and educational supports at Queen’s. The Educational Technology Award is designed to recognize and encourage the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning at Queen’s. Excellence is exemplified through evidence-based approaches that are learning and student focused.

As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Paul Hungler noticed that his students had a gap in knowledge when it came to the fundamentals of coding and electrical systems needed to succeed in an ever-evolving industry. In response, he designed the first course in the program’s new energy and conversion design spine which teaches students key aspects about electrical circuits, electronics, and analytical chemistry instrument design. By introducing concepts in a one-hour lecture then allowing students to work together in three-hour active learning sessions, the knowledge gap is closing. Dr. Hungler maintained the experiential learning aspect of the course through the pandemic and a shift to online learning. Exemplifying his innovative teaching style, Dr. Hungler provides a capstone project where students use virtual reality to work collaboratively in a chemical processing plant during a malfunction.

Established in 1996, the Applied Science First Year Teaching and Learning Award recognizes the individuals teaching first year Applied Science courses who contribute most to establishing a good teaching and learning environment in the classroom. The awards are given each year to instructors who, in the opinion of the students, contributed most to creating a good teaching and learning environment in the classroom. This past year, Garry Rasmussen was selected by the students for his teaching of APSC 132 in the Winter.