Faculty and staff gathered online the morning of May 11 for the Dean's Showcase of Teaching & Learning in Engineering to recognize excellence, share successes, and gain insights/perspectives on best practices in the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science.

According to Eric Tremblay, the director of the faculty’s Engineering Teaching & Learning Team, the event highlighted the successes unique to this past academic year, acknowledging especially ways that instruction can further adapt in the upcoming year with on-campus class meetings as society evolves to match the latest challenges of COVID-19.

“Fuelled by the Remo Interactive Platform, over 60 teaching assistants, faculty members and staff interacted together remotely, in series of small groups, discussing the challenges and opportunities being face as the ‘next’ normal starts to crystallize in the context of the 2021-2022 academic year,” he said.

Dean's Teaching & Learning Symposium

Participants took a moment up front to acknowledge the achievements of this year’s Innovation in Teaching and Leadership in Engineering Education award winners: Dr. Mark Diederichs, Dr. Roshni Rainbow, and Dr. Greg van Anders, as well as this year’s sole Leadership in Teaching award winner Dr. Alan Ableson.

“Then the small groups sprang into action,” said Tremblay, “with fast-paced lighting talks and deep dive discussions. It was like a game of musical chairs! With not only ideas flying everywhere, but with people joining new tables and interacting with new people on changing topics as the day moved forward.”

The morning operated through a robust agenda with multiple concurrent sessions, ensuring that every participant received a unique, even personalized, experience.

“With the small group and dynamic approach, many topics could be touched on, including decolonization, inclusive pedagogies, active learning, experiential learning, aligned assessment and blended learning among others,” Tremblay said.

“Who knows what next year’s event will look like!”