The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and especially friends, faculty, coworkers, students, and alumni of the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining are delighted to share news of Wanda Badger’s retirement.

Ms. Badger is the department manager for the department of mining, and will retire from Queen’s University at the end of this current academic term.

Wanda Badger

“Wanda has been the one person everyone identifies with the Queen’s University Department of Mining for many years,” said Dr. Julián Ortiz, Associate Professor and Department Head. “Alumni, current students, faculty and staff have relied on her support to improve their careers and their lives. She has contributed to the Department, the Faculty, the University and the mining industry with her service, knowledge and wisdom. She has supported every person around her, creating a sense of community that makes the Department of Mining a welcoming place for any newcomer. I experienced that myself and know that this has also been the experience of everyone else in the Department. Wanda is very compassionate and understanding, and this has been her hallmark as a Department Manager and as a person.”

Dr. Kevin Deluzio, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, offered his warm regards as well. “Wanda’s dedication to the Mining program, and most especially to the students is extraordinary. This is a consistent message that I also hear from our mining alumni. In her role as Departmental manager, Wanda has created a strong sense of community within the department that is really much like a family.”

All of us at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science appreciate Ms. Badger’s retirement is undoubtedly a well-deserved and earned achievement.

We wish you all the best, Wanda!