The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science launches today a subsite dedicated exclusively to Women in Engineering.

Featuring pages of research, events, networks, and resources specially designed for girls and women in engineering of all ages, this microsite debuts today with a Women in Action photo challenge, a series of self-submitted photos of women in engineering roles and hobbies from coast to coast.

Women in Engineering subsite announcement

Dr. Heidi Ploeg (Sc’88, MSc’91, PhD’00) was named last fall the inaugural Chair for Women in Engineering, and will oversee all efforts regarding the Women in Engineering initiatives the faculty undertakes. This new role has been made possible through a $3 million gift from an anonymous engineering alumni member passionate about ensuring that more women become leaders in engineering education and practice.

“Dr. Ploeg has a vision to make engineering more attractive to a more diverse student body who are motivated to help make the world a better place,” said Dean Kevin Deluzio at the announcement. “I'm excited that she has agreed to guide Queen's Engineering at the vanguard of women engineering scholars in Canada. Thanks to our donor, she now has the opportunity and resources to have more of an impact to increase the number of women engineering students.”

Female students currently make up 28% of the undergraduate population in Queen’s Engineering, 27% of graduate students, and 20% of faculty across all disciplines.

Caroline Baril (Sc’20) is a Research Associate for the Chair for Women in Engineering. “The chair position allows Queen’s to consolidate all their resources,” she said, “and have one point of contact that can show you everything that’s available. The position really identifies the gaps that are existing and once those gaps are identified we can fill them and make sure we’re putting our efforts and time in the right places to make meaningful change.”

View the new Women in Engineering subsite here.


Women in Engineering subsite screenshot