Elaine Monteiro began her internship with Procter and Gamble (P&G) in May 2019 as a Digitization and Launch intern. As the pandemic hit, so did P&G's need to increase the manufacturing of consumer products, both locally and globally.

Elaine Monteiro

Due to her keen interest, skill, and hard work, Elaine was given more responsibility and an opportunity to join the production floor in a more hands-on role, contributing to the supply of products for local use and export. The shift of events allowed her, a fourth-year Chemical Engineering student at Queen’s, to put theory into practice, sharpen her job-ready skills, and discover a new career interest — one that led her to accept a full-time job offer as a Process Engineer with Procter and Gamble upon graduation.

"At P&G I was challenged with exciting and impactful projects,” she said. “Being an intern in the midst of a global pandemic was a unique experience, and I am grateful to the incredible people I worked with, who made my internship so meaningful. I learned so much more than I could've imagined!"

The 12- to 16-month Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program experience enables students like Elaine to fully integrate into the workforce, get hands-on experience, and sharpen their skills through interdisciplinary collaboration and academically-linked professional development. The full integration into the workforce and the hands-on experience are a stepping stone to even greater career opportunities for our interns.

Elaine produced and submitted the following video reflection regarding her experience as an intern at Procter and Gamble.