The Faculty of Engineering has launched a one-stop wellness hub online which provides resources for students and entails everything from mental health and healthy eating to academics and finances.

Debuting today, the online wellness hub will also feature a photo contest and the entire collection of EngWell workshops since their inception this past October. And the “Quirky Wellness Challenge” will let students choose which dubiously healthy action their favourite professors perform for our entertainment. First up: Chemical Engineering professor Paul Hungler is willing to buy a pet fish, eat spinach cake with cream frosting, or plunge into a cold lake. Students have through February 1 to vote, followed by additional rounds for Professor Alan Ableson and even the dean, Dr. Kevin Deluzio.

EngWell Hub

The Picture Wellness Contest asks students to submit photos of themselves participating in their favourite wellness activity for prizes that include a 6-string guitar and an exercise bike.

The hub also features practical information. In a simple Q&A format, both faculty- and campus-wide links to resources are provided in nine categories:

  • Academics
  • Mental Health & Coping
  • Visa/Immigration
  • Technology
  • Finances
  • Healthy Eating
  • Housing
  • Family Abroad
  • Community Involvement & Supports by EngSoc

“Starting with last semester’s EngWell workshops, we have been building a full range of resources to benefit students,” said Stacy Shane, Manager of Student Services at Queen's Engineering. “Student wellness is always a priority at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The COVID-19 pandemic and our move to remote learning has brought some of these needs to light, and we’re pleased to offer students an array of resources and services that will serve them during the pandemic, and also in the long term.”