First year students are not required to add any courses although the university system will send an email to prompt them to make a selection. There is no need to do anything, students are enrolled in classes by the Faculty. Classes begin on September 5, 2023.

Yellow highlight shows lectures

Purple highlight shows tutorials, studios, labs

Engineering practice (under the umbrella of APSC 100) has 3 modules. Modules 1(Studios- APSC 101) and 2(Labs -APSC 102) run in the Fall term and Module 3(Studios- APSC 103) runs in the Winter term.

Note: these schedules are a supplement to SOLUS- they contain some extra information. If anything contradicts a time or location that SOLUS shows, consider the SOLUS information correct.

Note 2: Classes normally end 10 minutes before you need to go to your next class giving you some time to travel across campus (eg. An 8:30am lecture will end at 9:20am, allowing you time to get to a 9:30am class)