Tim Bryant PhD, P.Eng

Professor Emeritus

Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Emeritus Faculty
Phone: 613-533-2564
McLaughlin Hall, Room: 406C

Expertise: Artificial Joints, Ergonomics, Knee Mechanics
Tim  Bryant

Journal Publications 

Smith, E.J., Bryant, J.T., and Ellis, R.E., "Kinematic Geometry of Osteotomies," Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention MICCAI 2005, Springer Lecture Notes In Computing Science 8, Pt.1, 902-909, 2005. 

Fam, H., Kontopoulou, M., and Bryant, J.T., "Development of a Rheological Analogue to Periprosthetic Fluid," Biorheology, 42, 4, 295-306, 2005. 

Beshai, L.M. and Bryant, J.T., "Victim Assistance: The Niagara Foot," Journal of Mine Action Information Centre, James Madison University 5, 2003. 

Ferguson, S.J., Bryant, J.T., Ganz, R. and Ito, K., "An Investigation of the Acetabular Labral Sel In Hip Joint Mechanics," Journal of Mechanics 36, 2, 171-8, 2003. 

Whiteside, R.A., Bryant, J.T., Jakob, R.P, Mainil-Varlet, R.P. and Wyss, U.P., "?Short-Term Load Bearing Capacity of Osteochondral Autografts Implanted By The Mosaicplasty Technique: An Invitro Porcine Model?,," Journal of Biomechancis, 36, 8, 1203-8, 2003

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